Weather Station In Action

A feature-packed plugin

Current Weather

Whether the current weather data collected is complete or not, you can ask Weather Station to enrich it with relevant indexes and psychrometric values.

Indoor Comfort

For the stations offering it, the indoor comfort data is not forgotten: it is collected and processed as accurately as the outdoor data.


Although not meteorological data in the conventional sense, indoor or outdoor pollutants measured by stations are usable like any other weather data.

Fire Weather

Whatever your type of station, Weather Station constantly calculates the risk of fires, based on the Chandler Burning Index.

Solar Monitoring

Weather Station will give you everything you need to know about sun and UV exposure, if the collected station allows it.

Storm Tracking

With a properly equipped station, Weather Station allows you to track the progress of storms around your location and reports strikes.


Thanks to its astronomical computation engine, Weather Station helps you to build accurate and detailed ephemeris.

Data Management

Choice of systems and units, validity ranges of indexes, data obsolescence: Weather Station adapts to your environment, your needs and weather conditions.

Trends & Alarms

Weather Station leaves you free to use trends and set alarm thresholds, and how you bring it to play.

Performance & Robustness

With its smart cache system, whatever the size and the traffic of your website, Weather Station will never leave you stranded.

Operations Management

Response time analytics, cache performance tuner, events log, tasks scheduler manager: all tools are built-in.

Security & Privacy

Weather Station has been designed with the security of your website and the privacy of your data in mind.

Works With

most major brands, softwares and online services

Fully Documented

With its integrated help system and a comprehensive handbook, Weather Station will never leave you alone.


Thanks to a growing community of translators and editors, Weather Station is fully translated by adopting the WordPress way!

Get it!

Step 1: visit Plugins > Add New in the backend of your WordPress site.

Step ➊


Visit Plugins > Add New in the back end of your WordPress site.

Step 2: search for Weather Station.

Step ➋


Search for Weather Station.

Step 3: click on the Install Now button.

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Click on the Install Now button.

Step 4: then click on Activate, and you're done!

Step ➍


Then click on Activate, and you're done!

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