Textual Data

Textual data are weather values in plain text. You can insert ready-to-use shortcodes, at any location of your page or article, and it will be replaced by the corresponding weather values. This allows you to make cute little text, or fill tables like these:

I live in the pretty town of Mouvaux.

Although relatively close to the North Sea, the current temperature in my garden is 6.0 °C. The humidity is 93 %. Today it fell 0.0 mm of rain…

Module nameCO2 levelHumidityTemperature
Cave653 ppm67 %21.7 °C
Rez-De-Chaussée692 ppm53 %19.7 °C
1er Étage535 ppm44 %20.4 °C
2ème Étage551 ppm49 %19.3 °C

Displayable Data

This widget displays current data.

Refreshing Mode

Refresh occurs at page load or every two minutes.

Need help using these textual data?

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