Icon Data

Icon data are used to display weather values as icons with or without text. You can insert ready-to-use shortcodes, at any location of your page or article, and it will be replaced by the corresponding icons. To top it all, this icon will inherit the size and color of the container in which it is placed, so you can format it as desired. This allows you to make mini widgets, or fill tables like these:


few clouds
東京  27.1 °C  0.0 mm
New-York  20.7 °C  0.0 mm
北京  31.9 °C  0.0 mm
Москва  21.2 °C  0.0 mm

Displayable Data

This widget displays current data.

Refreshing Mode

Refresh occurs at page load or every two minutes.

Need help using these icon data?

See The Handbook