Indoor Comfort

To display indoor comfort for a specific module put the Indoor Comfort widget and adjust its properties as follow:

  • Module to display: select the module attached to a station to display in this widget. Note that you can display as many Indoor Comfort widgets as you want, so it is possible to display all the modules you have access to by arranging several widgets in one or several sidebars.
  • Display X (if available): check all types of values you wish to have displayed.
  • Hide obsolete measurements: check this to hide all measurements that was done before the obsolescence set in Settings > Display.
  • Displayed name: set the name which will appear in the header of the widget.
  • Subtitle to display: set the subtitle that will be displayed under the displayed name.
  • Show status: the widget will display a short text summarizing the current “health index”.
  • Max width (in px): indicate the maximum width in pixel for the widget. Set 0 to ignore this parameter.
  • Text & Background colors: using the color picker, set the values of these colors.
  • Transparence of background: adjust the transparency of the background color.
  • Images URL: allows you to specify which image to use as widget background. It must be a full URL (i.e. not a relative URL). If the widget displays a BloomSky station, you can specify “self” (in lower cases) to have the last snapshot taken by the station as background image.
  • Fixed background: the background image will not scroll when the page is scrolled.
  • Color hue follows comfort: if you have set a background transparency smaller than 100%, the hue of the background color will be affected by the “health index” value.
  • Show borders: activate this if you want the borders of the widget to be visible.
  • Show tooltips: activate this if you want the mouse cursor hovering on the widget shows a tooltip.
  • Flat design: activate this if you don’t want gradient background and shadowed texts.
Configure the indoor comfort widget

Displayable Data

This widget displays current data.

Refreshing Mode

Refresh occurs at page load.