Data Import

Weather Station allows you to import historical data into an existing station. You can import data from:

  • a ND-JSON file previously exported by Weather Station;
  • a cloud service to which this station is attached; for now this option is available for the following stations:
    • Netatmo personal weather station
    • Netatmo “Healthy Home Coach” (sometimes called “Care)
    • Pioupiou wind sensor (V1 and V2)

To import historical data, click on “Import historical data” in the “Tools” box of the station view. Then set the following parameters:

The data import form
Date Range

You can choose the period range of imported data. Weather Station will import only values and indices in this timeframe.
If you uncheck “Overwrite data for dates already compiled”, only the values, indices and datasets which are not already present in the database will be imported. If you check it, all historical data for this timeframe will be overwritten in your database.


You can choose here the source of the data to import.
If you choose ND-JSON, you must select in the second dropdown list the corresponding file. The file must be in the Weather Station file system.
If you choose the cloud service corresponding to your station type, there’s no second dropdown list.

 Imported data only concern historical data but all indices and datasets will be computed on the fly. Current and daily data are not part of imported data.


After clicking on the “Import Data” button, the corresponding background process will start. This process may take a long time, but you will be notified by email from your site of the end of the operation. After the data is imported, all caches are flushed and data become available in all historical charts.