Maintenance Operations

The maintenance settings tab allows you to make some maintenance operations that are not directly accessible elsewhere. This tab is visible only if Weather Station runs in extended mode.

The maintenance settings tab

Resetting views

Many views of the administration screens of the plugin may be customized by your activity or by checking/unchecking options in the Screen Options upper tab. If you want to restore these views to their defaults, just click on the corresponding button.

Forcing a refresh of the database

In some occasion, you might want to force a refreshing of all the data for all the stations. Click on the “Purge Only” button to truncate database tables and to wait for a scheduled resynchronization of the data, or click on the “Purge & Resynchronize” button to truncate database tables and to force an immediate resynchronization of the data.

   If you choose “Purge Only” you may experiment blank stations details and data before the resynchronization is executed. For detail on potential delays, please read this.

Exporting your configuration

If you want to backup your configuration or replicate your configuration on another server, you can export the configuration of Weather Station from here. The configuration file, which will be generated by a specific background process, will contains the following items:

  • all the settings of Weather Station;
  • the definition of all the stations;
  • all the configured maps.

Note this configuration file will not contain historical data. If you want to export or backup the historical data of a specific station, you must use the data export feature.