The settings screen of Weather Station lets you adjust all the operation options of the plugin.

Operating modes

Weather station can operate in two distinct modes. The first one, called “simplified mode”, is the mode in witch Weather Station operates when it is first started (so, just after installation and activation). In this mode, the plugin sets automatically many parameters and options for you. As can be seen in the following screen, you can only set the system of measurements in which the meteorological values are expressed. You can choose between metric system (°C, hPa, kilometers, etc.) and imperial system (°F, inHg, miles, etc.).
To configure the plugin connectivity, you have access to a single tab named “Services”.

General settings tab in simplified mode

Now, if you choose to switch to “extended mode”, the settings are then individually defined by yourself and the screen shows you all the available tabs to do so.

General settings tab in extended mode

   Choosing the “right” mode for you is a matter of personal taste and knowledge. If you want to not worry about details, stay in the “simplified mode”. If you want to precisely determine how Weather Station works, opt for the “extended mode”.

Settings tabs

Each logical group of settings are organized in the following tabs:

Using partial translation

In some cases, the general tab of the settings screen can show an additional button named “Use Partial Translation”. This button appears when a translation of the plugin in your language is not fully done yet (see the Dashboard description to get detail on translation state and progress). This feature lets you enjoy the existing partial translation before its full completion.
The button doesn’t appear when the plugin is fully translated in your language. In such a case, it’s WordPress which automatically manages translation updates.