Adding a Map

To add a station, click on the “Add” button of the Maps Management page.

Depending on the services you have set and the map type you have chosen, you must set the following options:

Common options

All map types allow you to set these options:

  • Misc / Name: the name of the map. This name is never displayed on the frontend of your site, it is just shown in the Maps Management page.
  • Misc / Width: the width of the map, when it is displayed on the frontend your site. Can be any of the standard CSS3 value for the width attribut.
  • Misc / Height: the height of the map, when it is displayed on the frontend your site. Can be any of the standard CSS3 value for the height attribut but the percentage selector.
  • Misc / Zoom: the initial zoom level of the map. All maps providers can serve all zoom levels. If you specify an unsupported zoom level, Weather Station will correct it while rendering the map.
  • Stations / Sources and Selection: allows you to specify which station must be shown on the map. To select multiple stations, just use the ⇧ (shift), ⌃ (control) or ⌘ (command) + click, regarding your operating system. Note: the center of the map will be computed based on the selection you do here.
  • Stations / Marker: the shape of the marker identifying stations on the map. Note: if you choose none, no station will be visible, but the auto center feature will work as expected..
  • Stations / Data: choose the data which will be displayed in the popup box (when clicking on the station marker).
  • Stations / Style: the “verbosity” and the size of the popup box.
  • Stations / Contrast: the contrast or color of the marker.
  • Stations / Shadows: the depth of the shadows (markers and popup boxes).


Some map types allow you to set these options:

  • Features / Base map: the type of background map.
  • Feature / Overlay: the main type of the map.
  • Feature / Isolines: the type of isolines to display.
  • Feature / Animation: should the animation be shown?
  • Feature / Graticule: should the graticule be shown?


Some map types allow you to display controls on the map:

  • Controls / Zoom: should the zoom control be shown?
  • Controls / Selector: should the overlay selector be shown?
  • Controls / Picker: allow the use of a picker (a dynamic marker) to display contextual information.
  • Controls / Footer: what should be shown in the map footer.

Each map provider has its own properties and features. Weather Station adapts this form to the provider by only proposing the relevant options.

You can create as many maps as you want but with Windy, you can display only one Windy map per page.