Maps Management

The maps screen of Weather Station helps you to manage your maps (add, remove, etc.). These maps are the maps you want to display on the frontend of your site.

The main screen displays a list of all the maps actually added to the plugin:

Available maps in the maps manager

If you hover the mouse cursor over a particular line, you will see actions you can do on the regarding map. The following actions are available:

  • View: to access the map preview and its shortcode.
  • Modify: to edit the properties of the map. Has the same effect as clicking on the map name.
  • Remove: to remove the map from Weather Station.

It is from this screen you can also add a new map.

 To insert a map on a page of your site, you must copy and paste the corresponding shortcode. Unlike the other Weather Station shortcodes, those for the maps are saved in the maps page and you can change the settings of a map at any time without having to re-enter the shortcode in the page where the map should appear.