Timelapses Viewer

The timelapses viewer allows you to display a timelapse recorded by the station. To configure this shortcode, you must specify the following settings:

  • Period type and Period: these two parameters are used to specify the display time period. When the period type is set to a fixed period, the period you specify will always be the same regardless of the display conditions. On the other hand, when the period type is set to a sliding period, the period you specify will be relative to the current date. For example, to display the timelapse from the last week, choose “Sliding day” and “7 days back”.
  • Module: just select a module attached to your station..
  • Measurement: this is a list of all measurements that can be performed by the module. For a description of all possible measurements, please refer to this list.
  • Size: choose the size of the control or select scalable for the component to be dynamically resized to the size of its parent container.
  • Appearance: allows you to choose if you want to display video controls or not.
  • Behavior: if you choose “autoplay”, the timelapse will be played as soon the page is loaded.
  • Mode: to play cyclically the timelapse, choose “loop”. If you select “once” the video will stop after complete viewing.
Shortcodes for textual data window

   After you have set the parameters as you wish, click on the "copy" button then paste the shortcode into the page or the post, where you want the control to appear.


Displayable Data

This viewer displays historical values.

Refreshing Mode

There's no refresh for this viewer: it displays the video taken at a given day.