Steel Meter

The steel meter allows to display a specific value as an analog or digital metal counter. To configure this shortcode, you must specify the following settings:

  • Module: just select a module attached to your station, it must be a real or a virtual module (identified by a name in square brackets).
  • Measurement: this is a list of all measurements that can be handled by the module. For a description of all possible measurements, please refer to this list.
  • Design: choose a type for the control. You can select what you want but windcompass types are exclusively designed for wind direction visualization and altimeter type is only useful for measurement types like cloud base altitude.
  • Bezel: choose a material or a color for the meter bezel.
  • Face: choose a material or a color for the meter face. The choice of the face may have an influence on texts colors.
  • Label orientation: this is the orientation of the numerical values displayed among the gauge. If in doubt, select “automatic”.
  • Main pointer type and color: the main pointer display the current value for analog, top, left and right meters; for windcompass, it is intended to display current wind direction.
  • 2nd pointer type and color: only for windcompass, it is intended to display gust direction for last 5 minutes.
  • Knob: choose a style for the knob(s) present on the meter.
  • LCD display: choose a style for the LCD shown on the meter face. For windcompass, there are 2 LCD (one for current value, and one for gust)
  • Alarm: choose the color of the led which shows if alarm is active. The threshold values for alarm are specific to each measurement types. These thresholds values could be defined in Settings > Thresholds.
  • Trend: choose how to display the trend indicator. Trends are relevant only for some measurements depending on your station type.
  • Min/max: choose how to display the min/max indicator.
  • Index style and color: select the design of the index shown. A specific index design may be rendered differently depending on the design type of the meter.
  • Glass: choose a type of reflection for meter glass.
  • Size: choose the size of the control.
Shortcodes for steel meter window

   After you have set the parameters as you wish, click on the "copy" button then paste the shortcode into the page or the post, where you want the control to appear.


Displayable Data

This control displays current data.

Refreshing Mode

Refresh occurs automatically every 2 minutes.