Snapshots Viewer

The snapshots viewer allows you to display a snapshot taken from the station. To configure this shortcode, you must specify the following settings:

  • Module: just select a module attached to your station..
  • Measurement: this is a list of all measurements that can be performed by the module. For a description of all possible measurements, please refer to this list.
  • Size: choose the size of the control or select scalable for the component to be dynamically resized to the size of its parent container.
  • Data: the data loading setting specifies how the control accesses the data it displays. “Inline” indicates that the data is loaded inside the page source (data will be refreshed only when the page is refreshed). “Ajax Refresh” allows the control to refresh every 2 minutes the displayed data.
  • Animation type (only available when “Ajax Refresh” is selected): you can choose between 2 different effects which will be used when transitioning from old snapshot to the new one. Note this effect is not visible in preview mode.
  • Animation speed (only available when “Ajax Refresh” is selected): speed of the transitioning effect.
Shortcodes for textual data window

   After you have set the parameters as you wish, click on the "copy" button then paste the shortcode into the page or the post, where you want the control to appear.


Displayable Data

This viewer displays current value.

Refreshing Mode

Refresh occurs automatically every 2 minutes if a new picture is available.