Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Is Weather Station really free?

Yes. Weather Station is an open source plugin for WordPress – which is free too – and you can download it and install it for no cost.

Is there a pro or paid version?

No. Weather Station is the same for everybody! I have no plan to make a pro and/or paid version.

Can I make a donation?

Yes. If you like Weather Station or find it useful and want to thank me for the work done, please consider making a donation to La Quadrature Du Net or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which are two advocacy groups defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet. By supporting them, you help the daily actions they perform to defend our fundamental freedoms!


Is my station supported?

If your station is a Netatmo, WeatherFlow or BloomSky or if it can export its data to Ambient Network and OpenWeatherMap or if it used in conjunction with softwares like Weather Display, Cumulus, WeeWX, etc. the answer is yes. For a full compatibility list, please see supported devices and services.

What if I have no personal weather station?

Whether you have a personal weather station or not, you can use Weather Station. With Weather Station, you have access to the hundreds of thousands of stations that their owners have decided to make public.

Before Installing

What are the requirements?

To install Weather Station on your site, the minimum versions are as follows:

  • WordPress 4.9;
  • PHP 7.1, with json support (most servers have it).

For full detail, please read the requirements page.

Is it working on multisite?

Yes. You can install it via the network admin plugins page but the plugin must not be “Network Activated”, instead you must activate it on a site by site basis.

Is it available in my language?

Maybe. Weather Station is ready for collaborative translation and it is already translated in many languages. But I can’t assure that your language is covered. For a list of available languages, please, see the dedicated page.


How to install?

For automatic installation, just follow the four-steps installation method. If you want to do it in the old fashioned way, you can download it here and manually install it (but why would you want to do that?).

How to have it in my language?

If Weather Station is already translated in your language, just after installation its language pack will be downloaded from If it is not already translated, you can help, please see the languages & translation detail.

What to do after activation?

If after having installed and activated Weather Station you’re a bit lost, jump to the Getting Started section of the handbook.

Common Issues

Parse error after activating

If you encounter the following error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_USE, expecting T_FUNCTION in ...
it’s because your version of PHP is too old. Please read again the pre-installation section of this FAQ, or jump to the requirements page.

Weather data does not refresh

The update of the weather data is done via the WordPress cron scheduler which depends on the traffic on your site. If your site has low traffic, the data may not be refreshed properly. You can overcome this by following one of these methods.

Other issues

If you’re experiencing an issue which is not explained in this FAQ, please open question in the community support.