About data propagation time

How the data measured by your weather station reaches the Weather Station plugin for WordPress and why it will never display data in “real time”…

Weather Station 3.4 “Louise Attaque”

See Full Changelog   Weather Station 3.4 is here! It is with great delight that I announce today the availability of the new version of Weather Station. This version brings a lot of new features related to the management of daily and historical data: a real (and...

Recurring fails at Weather Underground

It has been several months since Weather Underground sees the quality of its services really degraded. In recent weeks, data collection from personal weather stations has even been completely down.

Meteorological data tables

Realize tables to present data from your weather station is extremely simple thanks to Weather Station. Here’s how, in a few steps, to become a tables master!

Happy birthday, Weather Station!

Weather Station is two years old! From a simple piece of php code to display the meteorological data of a Netatmo station to the current WordPress extension, the path has been full of discoveries and encounters. Thank you for helping me do what it is today!

New community support

I am very pleased to announce the birth, today, of the Support Community for Weather Station. This is where you will first be able to share your knowledge about using the extension, ask questions or make suggestions for improvement.

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