The scheduled task interface

It is since Weather Station 3.2 that the scheduled tasks of the extension are accessible via a dedicated interface. To help you use it, here’s a quick explanation.

Wind chill

After seeing Heat-Index and Humidex, which measure the influence of humidity on the way we support high temperatures, I propose you today to dedicate ourselves to the wind chill, that concerns low temperatures.

How to update?

For an efficient use of Weather Station, it is essential to update whenever a new version is published. Here’s why and how to be sure your WordPress site do it for you. Automatically.

Dawn & dusk: a story of angles

Weather Station allows you to use standard, civil, nautical and astronomical times. Here is a reminder, for those who are lost, on the appearance and disappearance of the sun and what it implies.

How to get up-to-date weather data?

Before being a plugin that displays weather, Weather Station is primarily a meteorological data collection tool. If you do not want to discover obsolete data in your widgets, here are several ways to optimize your data collection.

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