Dawn & dusk: a story of angles

Weather Station allows you to use standard, civil, nautical and astronomical times. Here is a reminder, for those who are lost, on the appearance and disappearance of the sun and what it implies.

How to get up-to-date weather data?

Before being a plugin that displays weather, Weather Station is primarily a meteorological data collection tool. If you do not want to discover obsolete data in your widgets, here are several ways to optimize your data collection.

Heat-Index and Humidex

The Heat-Index and Humidex are the best-known indexes for measuring the effect of high temperatures on our organisms. But where do they come from and how are they calculated?

Development cycle and versioning

Many of you have asked about the version numbers and frequency of Weather Station updates. So I decided to explain to you what are the reasons for me to develop and release new versions and how I number them.

What are dew and frost points?

Maybe have you ever asked, while using Weather Station, what are the dew and frost points? To better understand what these two indicators are and what they show, here is a small explanation.

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