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Pierre Lannoy
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Hello dear translators and editors.

As you have already seen, the translation process is not necessarily very simple when you start to translate. In order to help you better understand (as well as all the other translators who will join us) I will try to make a quick point on what does not tell the page about translations.

You noticed that in GlotPress, the translation strings are divided into four categories.

The main 2 categories are "Stable Readme" and "Stable". These strings are those that are visible in the current version of the plugin ("Stable" category) and on the official page ("Stable Readme" category). When you do the first translation of the plugin, these are the ones that need to be translated. When the "Stable" translation exceeds 95%, it is automatically pushed on all sites using the plugin. The goal is, of course, to reach 100%  ???? 

As you may understand, "Development" categories, are for the version of Weather Station that is currently under development (the "next" version, so not yet released).

Now, imagine, Weather Station is fully translated (yes, you have reached 100% in "Stable" categories), but I will release a new version (with some new strings in "Development" categories)... Before publicly releasing, I do a thing called "strings freezing": it is a milestone in the development cycle which have the meaning "Hey dear translators, you can now translate new untranslated strings in "Development" categories, I will not make strings change before releasing, so your work is safe". Generally I do a strings freeze 2 to 3 weeks before releasing a new version, the communication channel is email (I email all PTE and PTC I know) and, counting from this day, in this forum. This process is only for major and minor versions, patches usually have no strings impact.

That's it, I hope it's a bit clearer for everyone. I know that my English is not great, so do not hesitate to ask if there are things that are not understandable.

Note: when a string is translated in a "Stable3 category, if the same string is present in "Development" category it will be automatically translated - and reciprocally ????

Just for your informations, Translation Editors currently registered in this community are :
Canada / English: @eclipse360 
Netherlands, Belgium / Dutch & Formal Dutch: @arnaudbroes 
France, Belgium, Canada / French: @pierre-lannoy 
Germany / German: @zerog981 
Norway / Norwegian (Bokmål): @oddne 
Sweden / Swedish: @Fredrik 

(More to come: I will update this list as soon as other PTE register here...)

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