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I would love to be able to email to subscribers every morning with a summary of yesterday's weather. This is what I get from 


As of 12:00 AM, Wed 29 Apr 2020

Gateway: Epping

Weather Station
Temp 6.3 °C
High Temp 9.5 °C at 12:00 AM
Low Temp 6.3 °C at 9:49 PM
Hum 96.0 %
Inside Temp 23.9 °C
Inside Hum 30.0 %
Heat Index 6.1 °C
Wind Chill 5.6 °C
Dew Point 5.6 °C
Barometer 1005.8 hPa
Wind Speed 3.0 mph
Wind Direction E
High Wind Speed 16.0 mph at 12:59 PM
10 Min Avg Wind 3.0 mph
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/h
Day Rain 18.2 mm
Month Rain 20.0 mm
Year Rain 189.2 mm
Solar Rad 0 W/m^2
High Solar Rad 237 W/m^2 at 12:18 PM
UV Index 0.0
High UV Index 1.7 at 12:13 PM


It would be great to be able to post something similar in emails to subscribers. I'm assuming this is not currently possible? 

My site is,



Posted : 29/04/2020 9:24 am
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Hello Roger,

yes, unfortunately, your assumption is correct. But it's a good idea!


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I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.

Posted : 06/05/2020 1:17 pm

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