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This plug-in is amazing.  I've never seen the level of integration with other plug-in's that Weather Station has.  Seamless, easy to use with very little effort to figure things out.  Bravo !

I'm wondering if there will be an update to support the Ambient weather WS-5000 unit.   When I set up the plug-in, there wasn't a selection for it and I wonder if that's why I'm having some issues with data ingesting from my station from AW.  The plug-in says i'm connected and that it's updating the modules, but the data is way off  (temp for instance).  Weather station says it's 88 deg and the plug-in results are about 11 degrees lower, then the data icons I created go blank.  I'm guessing it's got to be a quirk for not having WS-5000 as a choice meaning Weather Station knows what it's ingesting.  I know Ambient Weather changed the console with the WS-5000, I just don't know if things are working differently "under the hood".

I'm available to help by supplying testing, and any other results that may be needed.



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Posted : 11/06/2021 11:30 pm
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