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Towards an "interme...

Towards an "intermediate" data format to ingest Weather Station  

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Hello! Greetings from the frosty southern Chile.

I know that this idea was previously discussed. I like the Stickertag data format to ingest data to Weather Station plugin for it's simplicity. With a short-limited meteorological parameters you can create a near-continuous weather data stream and put into WordPress. I also know that Realtime.txt and Clientraw.txt are more complete data records than Stickertags.

Now we, at are working to connect new weather stations, some of them more complex so I can't use a weather server. (we are trying using Hobo and Campbell Scientific stations), and recreate Clientraw/Realtime is difficult. I'd like to have a new format that keeps the simplicity of Stickertag format and could add new variables that Stickertags don't have, like Solar radiation measurements, soil temperature or UV index.

Any ideas or thoughs?

(Some mental ideas: Mimicate in some manner the telemetry variables used by Weather Underground to push data from stations to their servers)

By the way, I wrote a PHP script on our server that process a HTTP get string generated by Cumulus to make the realtime.txt file on the server side.

Best regards,

David @ Chiloe Island, Chile

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