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Richard Faint
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Hello Pierre,

My site has now "gone live" and we are getting great comments from our visitors - thanks to Weather Station!

Now I have some experience with the system, I have an idea about the setting of Threshold Values that may make the system even more responsive.
As I understand it the Threshold Values set the minimum and maximum values displayed on gauges etc, and once the values have been set they don't change.

May I make a suggestion please?
The Threshold Values become the default minimum and maximum values for gauges graphs etc.
However: If the values are exceeded the Threshold Values automatically rescale to always be able to show the actual measured values.
EG.  A Rain Rate max threshold is set to 50mm/hour. However, in a downpour, the actual rainfall rate is measured as 112mm/hour.  So the Rain Rate gauge would then automatically rescale to a maximum value of (say) 120mm/hour.  This would allow the display of all measurements, no matter how extreme.  The next day (or month for monthly gauges/graphs) the entered Threshold Value for display would revert to the value that was entered in setup.

I think this would greatly enhance the display capabilities of gauges for Temperature, Wind and Rainfall. 
Just a suggestion 🙂

Once again - Thank you for a great plug-in Pierre.


Best regards,



Posted : 17/10/2019 5:08 am

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