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Some research... (Context: Ecowitt Weather Stations)  

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Hi Pierre,

I hope that you are enjoying Autumn on Northern Hemisphere. I was in NH on August and "what a hot!".

I've been researching about Ecowitt Weather Stations and I read the french post on this forum. I talked with Ecowitt engineers and they said me that a new firmware update for their products enable to us to send data to a custom website, copying either Weather Underground or upload protocol. So I want to test with some Ecowitt stations bought by members.

I think that it will be a good idea to implement on newer versions of Weather Station plugin. (Obiously, I'm happy to help and share pieces of code)

Packet example:
GET /weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?ID=I5231&PASSWORD=nanananana&tempf=79.3&humidity=70&dewptf=68.7&windchillf=79.3&winddir=277&windspeedmph=0.00&windgustmph=0.00&rainin=0.000&dailyrainin=0.000&weeklyrainin=0.000&monthlyrainin=0.059&yearlyrainin=6.803&solarradiation=0.00&UV=0&indoortempf=78.6&indoorhumidity=71&baromin=29.71&soilmoisture2=0&soilmoisture3=0&soilmoisture4=8&soilmoisture5=0&lowbatt=1&dateutc=now&softwaretype=GW1000_V1.4.7&action=updateraw&realtime=1&rtfreq=5 HTTP/1.0
Accept: /
Host: Customize server IP
Connection: Close

Like other times, thank you for this great plugin. We received very good comments from Chilean meteorologists, users, TV presenters and people that visit our website, and most of the credit is for Weather Station.

Is it ok for you that I put Weather Station plugin logo on bottom, like an aknowledgement? (Something like "Powered by Weather Station Software", but in Spanish, "Impulsado por Weather Station Software")



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David Aguilera-Riquelme (@davidagriq). - an Open Chilean hobbyist weather network

Posted : 09/10/2019 5:07 am
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just out of curiosity, what is it you fill in on the ecowitt application to configure your ecowitt?

do you enter server address etc...?

Posted : 17/10/2019 2:49 pm
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Hi there,

In conversation with Ecowitt support, if you redo the same folder and php structure of WU, but in your web server, it's possible to point your weather station to your website (or IP address) data retrieval system, writing some PHP code to perform that.

Best regards


David Aguilera-Riquelme (@davidagriq). - an Open Chilean hobbyist weather network

Posted : 21/11/2019 7:07 pm


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