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Realtime.txt additional values  

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Is it possible to added aditional data from the realtime.txt files ? Such as Beaufort, wind chill and some of the time stamps for the max/min temps would be useful to me.

I managed to adjust and get some additional data into the mysql database but I havn't looked yet into adding to the shortcodes etc.

I also noted that you are calculating values instead of using the ones provided in the realtime.txt file for some items e.g. Dewpoint, wind chill, heat index and humidex, is there a reason behind this ? It appears that calculated data is different that that of the realtime.txt file ?


Field #ExampleDescriptionField MapWeather Station Wordpress ValueData
119/08/2009Date as 2 figure day [separator] 2 figure month [separator] 2 figure year - the separator is that set in the windows system short date format (see setup)0$Locat_ts27/06/2020
216:03:45time(always hh:mm:ss as per computer system)1$Locat_ts16:09:53
38.4outside temperature2Outside temperature22.4
484relative humidity3Outside humidity55
55.8dewpoint4 12.9
624.2wind speed (average)5windstrength15.2
733latest wind speed reading6 28.9
8261wind bearing (degrees)7windangle180
90current rain rate (per hour)8rain0
101rain today9rain_day_aggregated0
11999.7barometer (The sea level pressure)10pressure_sl1008
12Wcurrent wind direction (compass point)11 
136wind speed as in 6 converted to force number (beaufort)12 4
14km/hwind units - m/s, mph, km/h, kts13$wind_unitmph 
15Ctemperature units - degree C, degree F14$temperature_unit
16hPapressure units - mb, hPa, in15$pressure_unitmb 
17mmrain units - mm, in16$rain_unitmm 
18146.6wind run (today)17 129.2
190.1pressure trend value (The average rate of pressure change over the last three hours)18 0.1
2085.2monthly rainfall19rain_month_aggregated1.8
21588.4yearly rainfall20rain_year_aggregated21417.6
2211.6yesterday's rainfall21rain_yesterday_aggregated0
2320.3inside temperature22inside temperature30.2
2457inside humidity23inside humidity35
253.6wind chill24 22.4
26-0.7temperature trend value (The average rate of change in temperature over the last three hours)25Outside temperature_trend0.1
2710.9today's high temp26outside temperature_max23.5
2812:00time of today's high temp (hh:mm)27 14:43
297.8today's low temp28outside temperature_min15.5
3014:41time of today's low temp (hh:mm)29 03:07
3137.4today's high wind speed (of average as per choice)30 22.1
3214:38time of today's high wind speed (average) (hh:mm)31 15:27
3344today's high wind gust32 33.6
3414:28time of today's high wind gust (hh:mm)33 14:12
35999.8today's high pressure34pressure_sl_max1014.1
3616:01time of today's high pressure (hh:mm)35 00:02
37998.4today's low pressure36pressure_sl_min1007.6
3812:06time of today's low pressure (hh:mm)37 13:22
391.8.7Cumulus Versions (the specific version in use)38firmware3.4.3 
40819Cumulus build number39firmware3067
413610-minute high gust40guststrength28.9
4210.3Heat index41 22.4
4310.5Humidex42 25.1
4413UV Index43uv_index0
450.2evapotranspiration today44evapotranspiration0
4614solar radiation W/m245irradiance0
4726010-minute average wind bearing (degrees)46 170
482.3rainfall last hour47rain_hour_aggregated0
493The number of the current (Zambretti) forecast as per Strings.ini.48 16
501Flag to indicate that the location of the station is currently in daylight (1 = yes, 0 = No)49 1
511If the station has lost contact with its remote sensors "Fine Offset only", a Flag number is given (1 = Yes, 0 = No)50 0
52NNWAverage wind direction51 
532040Cloud base52 3880
54ftCloud base units53 ft 
5512.3Apparent temperature54 18.5
5611.1Sunshine hours so far today55sunshine0
57420.1Current theoretical max solar radiation56 675
581Is it sunny? 1 if the sun is shining, otherwise 0 (above or below threshold)57 0
5913.6Feels Like58  



Posted : 27/06/2020 7:02 pm

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