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Climatological comparison  

Gerhard Witteveen
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Hey Pierre, and fellow WeatherStation fans,

As the Average Global Warming is more and more becoming an issue for many people,  creating awareness that climate is really changing is important I think. I could use the following "tool" in WeatherStation.

Comparing to local/regional or national climatological values. So in order to compare to those climatological data we would need a manual input of those data. I know the Dutch weather service, KNMI has climatological averages available for 1981-2010. Those values are presented as 10 day averages and monthly/yearly averages. So it would require quite some data to be manually collected and fed into the database. But the result would be very interesting, and the AGW could be presented not as an abstract idea, but as something we are really experiencing in our everyday lives.

I'm curious as to what you (you meaning Pierre, but also others) think about this suggestion!


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Posted : 21/04/2019 6:07 pm
Pierre Lannoy
Member Admin

Hello Gerhard!

Currently working to refresh my backlog for next versions, just come across your suggestion. Sorry to have not seen yet. 😯 

That's a really good idea I have in mind when doing "climatological features" of 3.8. But I ran into the disparity of world datasets. I did not give up, but it will take a lot of work to research the available data and their formats 🙄 

But, definitely a very good suggestion I will implement, one day or another... 😊 

If you like Weather Station, please consider to make a review to help make it known. That would be the best way to thank me...

Posted : 10/05/2019 3:52 pm
Gerhard Witteveen
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Hi Pierre,

Thanks, good to know you're working at this!

So, I guess you were looking for tables with climatological averages, right? I'll see what I can come up with!


Posted : 10/05/2019 8:50 pm
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Hi to both of you!

Today, for rather different reasons I came across a page at the Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics (our local climate agency) where you can download monthly climatological data of almost all official stations in Austria starting from 1990. On another page they even provide data back to 1971. You can download data as CSV (I attached one example).

I know, due to the lack of standardization this is mostly useless, but I shared it in the hope that you find it inspiring and because it's a very reliable source for climatological data.


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I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.

Posted : 13/05/2019 9:01 pm


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