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I have been logging my incoming and outgoing of my clients but would LOVE to have an EXCEL sheet with entries of each person in and out of my BnB. and alike to Airbnb, they allow me to extract XLSX

This allows me to check if they have paid for their ROOM. Nighly; Weekly, or Monthly. 

Profile Name ; Arrival Time; Date Time ; 

Posted : 29/05/2021 1:16 pm
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An alternative I have a guest that pays per night, per day, per week, per month. 

This will allow me to see how long they have stayed. 
Incoming and leaving Airbnb calculates per NIGHT set a price. 

Private room @ 27.00 CHF

Tent @ 14.00 CHF

Shared room @ 17.00 CHF

Then I will send him a WHAT's up a message of the money owed to me. 

KISS : Keep it simply simple solution. 

Posted : 29/05/2021 3:50 pm
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Screen shot

Posted : 29/05/2021 4:02 pm

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