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[This post is marked as unsolved] Wrong PHP version (7 isntead of 7.3)  

Jochen Hofenstock
New Member

Hi Pierre,


first of all I will say thank you for your fine work und possibilities you gave to us weather-addicts. And also thank you for doing that in open source! 🙂

I went through your Forum and did not find a similar thread so I decided to post a new one with my Question/Problem. I run my weather station on a web space which is not provided by myself. So I am not a Sys-Admin and cant change the PHP or MySQl version. I already installed a WordPress in a test Sub directory and tried to install your weather plugin which unfortunately did not work. Because my provider only runs PHP version 7 and your plugin requires 7.3. Nevertheless, is there any way to install it on PHP 7? Or do you have a plugin-history and can provide it in the latest version which supports PHP 7?

Thank you!

Regards, Jochen -

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Posted : 18/03/2019 12:23 pm
Pierre Lannoy
Member Admin

Hello Jochen... and thanks for you kind words 🙂

Weather Station works with PHP version starting at 7.1. And I encourage you to not operate your website with older versions than this one: it's a main major security concern (not only for you but for your visitors too). For the same reason, I encourage you to ask your hosting provider to upgrade to a maintained version of PHP. I know you can find it rude - and I'm sincerely sorry for that...

Nevertheless, you can find older versions of WeatherStation at the bottom of the WordPress official directory. But sorry, I cannot provide more support on this.

If you want help to ask your hosting provider to upgrade, just ask: maybe I can help you with technical details to include...

Thanks for your understanding.

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If you like Weather Station, please consider to make a review to help make it known. That would be the best way to thank me...

Posted : 18/03/2019 12:46 pm

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