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Why I do not respon...

[Sticky] Why I do not respond to some questions?  

Pierre Lannoy
Member Admin

Hello everyone!

It's hard to write this post but seeing the feedback I receive, I think I owe you some explanations: why I do not respond to some questions?

In fact, the answer is quite simple: I do not respond to messages that do not show a minimum of empathy for me. And this is true for emails, questions or suggestions on this forum, requests made via the contact form, etc.

By empathy, I mean at least a courtesy (hello, please, thank you, etc.) or any other "formula" where I would not have the impression of being taken for a machine to answer / to do.

I am not a robot. I am a human. I spend time to design and make this plugin with love and answer your questions with engagement and honesty. And all for free. So, please do not trample me with your certainty of being a customer in her/his right!

In addition, I'm not resentful, just modify your message a bit and I'll answer it with pleasure...

Thanks for your understanding.

If you like Weather Station, please consider to make a review to help make it known. That would be the best way to thank me...

Posted : 14/01/2019 10:26 pm
joonas, daguilera and HWIM liked
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Hi Pierre and all the others,

I think you made an good point there. I often see people taking your plugin and excellent service as granted, forgetting about all the hard work and passion you put into this and - as you said - all for free. We should be thanking Pierre for giving us the pleasure of displaying weather data in a modern and elegent way. I encourage everyone to think about the time Pierre is putting into this plugin prior to requesting any new feature or service over and over again. The whole project is well managed and all suggestions are taken seriously and put into a (from what I understand rather large) backlog if Pierre finds them encouraging and reasonable.


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I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.

Posted : 14/01/2019 10:42 pm
Erwin Fiten
Eminent Member

You're completely right.

I think we need to be pleased that you do this, that you created this plugin.
I'm also pleased with the fast replies, and fixes, so YES? you're doing a great job !

Posted : 15/01/2019 12:01 pm
Eminent Member

Hello Pierre,

200% agree with you!!

And thank you for all the hard work you have already put into this!!

Posted : 12/04/2019 9:28 pm
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Hi Pierre, thank you for your work for the realization of this plug-in. You really are a big fan. I recently installed your plug-in and I'm trying to learn how it works. I will definitely make a donation to support your project. My best regards.

Posted : 11/05/2020 11:34 am

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