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VP2 with Meteobridge via "Add a station via realtime file or stickertags.txt "  

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Dear All,

my name is Andrea Costantini, I am 33 years old, I write from Vittorio Veneto (TV - Italy). This is my project based on use of Davis AWS and LoRaWAN sensors to monitor local meteorological parameters:

Data and webcam available live at

On this website I'm using WordPress 5.7.2 and already installed the plugin which is very very interesting for me!!On this address I'm running the template to get data from Davis VP2

[DD]/[MM]/[YY] [hh]:[mm]:[ss] [th0temp-act] [th0hum-act.0] [th0dew-act] [wind0avgwind-act] [wind0wind-act] [wind0dir-act.0] [rain0rate-act] [rain0total-daysum] [thb0seapress-act] [wind0dir-act=endir] [wind0wind-act=bft.0] m/s C hPa mm 0.0 [thb0seapress-val60:--] [rain0total-monthsum] [rain0total-yearsum] [rain0total-ydaysum] [thb0temp-act] [thb0hum-act.0] [wind0chill-act] [th0temp-val60:--] [th0temp-dmax] [th0temp-dmaxtime.ij]:[th0temp-dmaxtime.kl] [th0temp-dmin] [th0temp-dmintime.ij]:[th0temp-dmintime.kl] [wind0avgwind-dmax] [wind0avgwind-dmaxtime.ij]:[wind0avgwind-dmaxtime.kl] [wind0wind-dmax] [wind0wind-dmaxtime.ij]:[wind0wind-dmaxtime.kl] [thb0seapress-dmax] [thb0seapress-dmaxtime.ij]:[thb0seapress-dmaxtime.kl] [thb0seapress-dmin] [thb0seapress-dmintime.ij]:[thb0seapress-dmintime.kl] [mbsystem-swversion:--] [mbsystem-buildnum:--] [wind0wind-max10] [th0heatindex-act:--] [wind0chill-act:--] [uv0index-act:0.0] 0.0 [sol0rad-act:0] [wind0dir-avg10.0:--] [rain0total-sum60] [forecast-rule] [mbsystem-isday.0] 0 [wind0dir-avg10=endir] 0 m 0.0 [mbsystem-daylength] 0 0

Result is here:


When I try "Add a station via stickertags file" (web server, HTTP), I get this error: Unable to use this source for a station: unable to read this file. This may mean that the file is inaccessible, unreadable, contains corrupted data, or is not in the correct format.

Source name is: 

I'd like to understand where I'm failing on adding station.

Many thanks for support and for all the interesting opportunities which this plugin can give free to us 🙂

PS: attached this is me during maintenance 🙂

Posted : 02/08/2021 7:45 pm
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Good evening,

I've tried again but results are always bad: Unable to use this source for a station: err #12 / Unable to access file is the current messagge.

Could someone help me on this matter? Many thanks!



Posted : 01/09/2021 10:47 pm

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