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Pre Styled Widgets as Shortcodes  

New Member

The pre styled widgets that I can access via Appearance / Widgets are great and they work as expected. I'd like to apply these same pre styled widgets from the sidebar, but as shortcodes I can place outside of the sidebar but retaining the same style/display.

I've attached a screen shot of the widget as it displays in a sidebar, how can I take this same widget and apply it within a shortcode so that I can insert it within a body of text. The shortcode builder does not provide a shortcode for the widgets I can place in the sidebar. I want those sidebar widgets as shortcodes. How can I go about getting the sidebar shortcode?

Posted : 06/08/2020 8:26 pm
Darrell Johnson
New Member

I think what your are looking for is a way to place widgets in the WP Gutenberg Block Editor.  Try this plug-in:

Posted : 16/08/2020 6:45 am

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