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Looking for .php for Fine Offset WH2900 (how to connect these pws?) (SOLVED)  

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Hello, I have been trying to link my Fine Offset WH2900 to my website for quite some time now.
Now I am stuck with the fact that I cannot find the correct .php file.
If I understood correctly I need this .php file to generate a realtime.txt file which can be read by this plugin.

Who can help me with the correct .php file?

Edit/update 26-04-2021

In addition to the above question, more info about what I've been doing so far.

The WH2900 is set to send its data to a ‘pws’ folder on a local server within my home network (Figure 01).
For this I use the program Jeedom which I installed on a Raspberry Pi. This Raspberry sends the data every minute as a realtime.txt file to the folder ‘pws’ which is placed in the same folder (the ‘site’ folder) as where Wordpress is installed on my website.

The realtime.txt file forwarded looks like this:


    [PASSKEY] => 52039562B50397850E6CD727A0EC7CA7
    [station type] => EasyWeatherV1.5.8
    [dateutc] => 2021-04-22 17:04:38
    [tempinf] => 69.6
    [humidityin] => 31
    [baromrelin] => 30,399
    [baromabsin] => 30,349
    [tempf] => 48.2
    [humidity] => 61
    [winddir] => 237
    [windspeedmph] => 2.7
    [windgustmph] => 3.4
    [maxdailygust] => 12.5
    [rainratein] => 0.000
    [eventrainin] => 0.000
    [hourlyrainin] => 0.000
    [dailyrainin] => 0,000
    [weeklyrainin] => 0,000
    [monthlyrainin] => 1.331
    [totalrainin] => 15,331
    [solar radiation] => 57.62
    [uv] => 0
    [wh65batt] => 0
    [freq] => 868M
    [model] => WS2900_V2.01.10

Within the plugin Weatherstation I have added a station which is suitable to receive a realtime.txt. This with the button with the green dial as logo.

The station settings can be seen in Figure 02.
I have chosen the setting Web server (HTTPS) because the url of my website also starts with HTTPS.
It doesn't matter which setting I choose here, none of the 5 settings that may work.
With the addition www for the path, so www.forest.... I don't get any results either.

At station details I can see from the light gray time display that the data is refreshed every minute but that no measured values ​​are visible, see figure 03.

If I create a page within my website to make the data visible, the data will not be processed, see
After all, the data is not displayed with the station details.

I have already tried various settings, but I am unable to make the data of my weather station visible on my website. I also don't know where things are going wrong.
My suspicion is that the realtime.txt file is not in the correct format.

Edit 30-04-2021 (SOLVED)
Thanks to the help of Martin Slack, I managed to create the link between my weather station and my website.
Martin responded quickly to all emails from me and was able to answer them clearly.
My thanks are big to Martin.
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Posted : 24/04/2021 9:38 am
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