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Historical data missing days, creating background colors or images  

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I'm a new user and just working on setting up our weather station site for our Davis Vantage Pro 2 using data from Weatherlink.  We generally had very good success, with lots of help from this group, but having several pesky issues.  The main one is that when we try to display a graph of the historical data for temperature and humidity, it was missing several days at the end of the graph for both temp and humidity.  That is, for July it showed all the data from the 1st through, say the 20th, but nothing for the 21-27, and then show to current day, the 28th.  We know this data is available from our station and because we can get it on weatherlink site.  (I'd show you am image from our site but it just changed to August so nothing on the graph!  Any clue what's going on? 
     Second more general problem is that we'd like to have the data displayed on top of either a background color or perhaps a background image.  But so far we've not found a place that has a shortcode for this.

Finally one note is that it would be nice if when showing the heat index you had the choice of showing just the value or the value plus the unit as you do for most other values, such as dew point.

And thanks so much for all the great help you've provided us!


Posted : 01/08/2019 6:28 pm
Pierre Lannoy
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Hello @wkberg43.

Sorry for this late answer, I'm on vacation with limited wifi access 😉

For the data availability issue (some missing values), coud you confirm you've correctly set an operational cron?

Regarding your question about backgrounds, I'm sorry I don't understand very well what you want to achieve. Could tell me what sort of control (gauge, textual, etc...) you want to add on a background?

And finally, regarding Heat Index (or Humidex, etc.) that's a long story 😉 To be concise, these values had no units (they are indexes), so it can not be displayed. More detail here...

PS: for the next time, if you have X questions or issues, could you create X posts? It helps to keep a trace of each, thanks.

If you like Weather Station, please consider to make a review to help make it known. That would be the best way to thank me...

Posted : 07/08/2019 12:10 pm
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Thanks for responding on your vacation!  You are obviously very dedicated!  Hopefully I've waited long enough so that no longer an issue.

Regarding your response, I did look up the link you provided on the "operational cron" but wasn't quite clear what this "cron" was.  Since we had a Davis Advantage Pro 2 we do have our data sent to WeatherLink and have Weather Station getting it's info from them.  Is that a "cron?"  Or is a cron something different than that.  I'm sorry that I couldn't quite tell from the link info.

On the background question, what we mean is we'd like to "dress up" the information from what is now just black text on a white background.  Is it possible to have some whte text show up on a blue background, for example -  perhaps for any single value such as temperature or humidity, or maybe be a background color for the entire set of values we are showing.  Or instead, perhaps, show a selected image that we'd download and have all the values printed on that background image.

As to the P.S. - do I understand you to say if we have two or three questions to make each a separate post?  And should each be listed as a separate topic.  I am happy to follow any procedures you have.


Posted : 20/08/2019 12:00 am


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