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Connect a Fine Offset WH2900 with my own server  

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Hello everyone,
For quite some time now I have been working on this plugin for Wordpress to connect my own Fine Offset WH2900 to my own server and make it visible on my own homepage.
Unfortunately I still can't. One of the problems is that I have to use an updateweatherstation.php file. I read this on various sites on the internet.
I want to keep everything in-house and therefore do not want to use the services of third parties such as Wunderground, Ecowitts.
According to the plugin information it should be possible to use a FineOffset WH2900 in combination with this plugin.

Therefore my question to you, who can tell me step by step what I have to do to connect my own WH2900 to my own server and which settings I have to make in the wordpress plugin. And how do I then get the measured values ​​visible in the Wordpress plugin on my own website?

I am familiar with Wordpress and FTP.

In short:
- how do I set the Fine Offset WH2900?
- which .php file should I use?
- where do I get this .php file?
- what changes should I make to this .php file?
- which settings should I make on my server?
- which settings are required in the Wordpress plugin?
- And what else do I have to do?

I am very grateful if you can help me.

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By doing it!

Posted : 23/01/2021 4:07 pm
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