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Communication with Alecto WS-5500 weather station (SOLVED)  

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Good day Pierre,
Hopefully I post my question in the right forum ...
I own an Alecto WS5500 weather station and would like to display the data of this weather station on my wordpress website.
Is one possible for this?
The manual of the Alecto WS-5500 can be found at

I have been looking for a good weather station plugin for wordpress for a long time. And in my search I keep coming up with your plugin.
I am also enthusiastic about the possibilities that this plugin offers. Not only does the plugin look good, but this forum also shows that a lot of work is put into it.

Hopefully you can tell me if this Alecto weather station can communicate with the plugin developed by you.

Best Regards,

Edit 11/17/2020

I did some more research and found out that the Alecto WS-5500 is the same as the Fine Offset WH2900.
Now the Fine Offset WH series is supported by the weather station plugin.
What I get stuck on is that I can not find out what the correct settings are when adding a station to get the WH series active.
Do I add using realtime, clientraw, or some other option.
And what are the further details that I have to enter further?

Hopefully someone can help me on my way because I would like to use this extensive plugin.


Best regards,


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Posted : 16/11/2020 8:19 pm

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