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Rain sum and wind rose issues

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Jannik Wilhelm
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this is my first post and I am thankful for all the nice hints I read so far in the forum.

Maybe I overlooked some threads, but I am concerned with two issues at the moment which I am not able to solve by myself. I have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and use weewx 3.9.1 with the clientraw extension to get the data to the Weather Station plugin.

1) Daily rain sum issue: As I assume that the daily rain sum is read from WD|007 of the clientraw.txt file (definition in clientraw.txt.tmpl: #*WD|007*#$$addLabel=False, $localize=False) #slurp), I do not understand how the attached graph comes about. At the positions of the green arrows, everything is fine. But at the positions of the red arrows, the graph shows an illegitimate decrease in rain sum for one time instance (5 min) before again increasing to the correct value. Any idea where this problem may originate from? [I tried different interpolation methods but it has seemingly nothing to do with that.]

2) Wind rose issue: It seems that also time instances with no wind speed are considered for the display of the wind rose. As during night usually almost no wind is blowing at my site, that means that I always get as dominant wind direction 0° (north) and as dominant wind speed category the lowest one in the wind rose. How to deal with that issue? [I already changed the thresholds in the Weather station settings, but with no effect.]

Thanks a lot for your help!


Posted : 15/09/2021 8:59 am