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netatmo > ws output too slow with 10 minute intervals to  

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The graphs are working all perfectly fine and beautiful, but, well, the subject says it all, already. I still get only 10 minute dots in my graphs, and when I've linked my output to network (for it seems to only transmit each half an hour or so. The data that shows up at metoffice has really late timestamps, and therefore does not show up on the map. I have eliminated connectivity issues, those aren't the problem here. The wp plugin has perfectly fine connection to both my netatmo data and the metoffice inflow. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in logs. And yes, I have set my own crontab to load the wp-cron.php every minute (*/1) and changed the setting in plugin to Fast updates. After that even all devices have been rebooted, caches have been emptied etc.

Any idea why it still doesn't do 5 minute updates and it doesn't transmit each 5 minute data to ?

Posted : 02/07/2020 1:06 pm

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