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by | Feb 18, 2019

It has been several weeks now since PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0 are deprecated and no more supported by PHP teams.
If you’re still using these versions, you have seen notifications in the Weather Station dashboard, and warnings in the events log about it.

For the record, this means that these versions of PHP, even if someone discovers security flaws, will no longer be fixed or supported by the teams in charge of the development and maintenance of PHP. Using these versions of PHP today is a major security risk for your website… As much as using a plugin that would not seriously take these versions deprecation:

In order to anticipate future problems and incidents, I decided to no longer offer support for Weather Station running on deprecated versions of PHP or old versions of WordPress.

Starting today, the technical prerequisites for running Weather Station (and getting support when needed) are:

  • At least PHP 7.1.
  • At least WordPress 4.9 (which is the last version working without Gutenberg, in case you are allergic to it).

Of course, you can continue to use Weather Station on your current version of PHP and WordPress if you do not update them. But I cannot guarantee that this will be the case in future versions. So, to have a full-featured plugin, a secure PHP/WordPress installation, to protect your website and respect your visitors, please, please, please, update!

If you want to know your current Weather Station, WordPress and PHP version, just go to the Weather Station dashboard and locate the version box (bottom of the left column):

Oh, and yes, if you want to auto-update Weather Station, and enjoy as soon as they are released all the improvements and new features, it’s possible!



    Please check my forum post on adding WS-2902B failure. Fully documented efforts provided. Just need someone to look at it.

  2. George Planic

    I just installed your plug in and love it. I configured it to Ambient Network and it says it’s updating routinely. I was able to create and install the needed short codes for the display items I wanted to show on my webpages. The issue is the displayed items aren’t updating with the correct data that is collected from my weather station or are the created graphics displaying at times.
    Hoping there is an easy fix for this.


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