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by | Jul 19, 2017

I must admit that it was a long time since I was not so excited by a new weather station. I mean, really excited and really eager to try all the possibilities offered by a product imagined and designed by people who want to do something better, and different…

And definitely, I must admit that WeatherFlow has set the bar very high! Beyond a weather station that offers a full-featured set of weather measurements, a revolutionary design (without mechanical parts for wind and rain, in particular), the WeatherFlow team has obviously decided to distribute a first version of an accomplished and tested product . And, the icing on the cake, with a design dedicated to data access: API REST, WebSocket, BLE and even UDP broadcast (yes, you read well). A way to “relegating to the trash” once and for all the Davis, Campbell Scientific and other RainWise on this subject…

All this to say that thanks to all these features, and thanks to a WeatherFlow team really listening to the community of the developers, the integration of the Air and Sky modules to Weather Station took only a few weeks. The very good news is that the software tests are 100% conclusive and that Weather Station 3.3 will be totally compatible with the WeatherFlow station!

So, stay tuned in the beginning of September for this new release that will include many new features!


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