Weather Station 3.1 “Matmatah”

by | Mar 8, 2017

Weather Station 3.1 is here!

If your site has not yet been updated, my advice: do it now…

This new version is a great addition to the widgets, with two new modules (a fire weather widget and an indoor comfort widget), new display options for all existing widgets (background images, brightness tracking in real time, color hue accorded to computed indexes).

It also offers support for new hardware (the Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo and some specific versions of clientraw files). It allows the computation and use of new astronomical values (dawn and dusk, civil, nautical and astronomical calculations) and also significantly improves the management of gaseous concentrations for the pollution collector module.

Weather Station 3.1 now makes available to all those who wait for it – with impatience for some – a powerful cache manager to accelerate the generation of widgets and controls.

You can find the details of all this as well as a list of all the improvements and bug fixes in the changelog.


Header illustration CC:BY-SA Jérémy Kergourlay

This version of Weather Station is codenamed “Matmatah” in honor of the reformation of the eponymous rock band, the release of a new album and a tour started a few days ago. Mets la ouache, Fañch !


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