Weather Station 3.8 “Danakil”

by | Apr 16, 2019

Weather Station 3.8 is here!

Welcome to this new version of Weather Station which brings many new features and improvements …

Thanks to the invaluable help of during a strong testing phase, Weather station is now able to collect any station published on the WeatherLink Network. All stations compatible with this tool are supported – yes, you read it right!

This new version also introduces climatological data handling and visualization: with four new types of charts it’s now possible to visualize long-term data values or deviation seasons after seasons or years after years. And if that’s not enough, a brand new data mining module lets you extract seasonal or climatological data, as text, with parameterized queries to obtain answers to questions like “what was the duration of the driest period of 2015”, “how many times has a temperature above 30°C been recorded”, “how much cumulative rain is a high-top, and when”, “what is the winter with the highest cumulative Heating Degree Day”…?

With this new version you will discover a new way to visualize a yearly temperature/rain summary of your station. Inspired by the amazing Weather Radial Posters and based on pieces of code written by Nadieh Bremer and Himanshu Chowdhary, this chart allows to obtain nice radials like this one:

You will find too, in this version, an all-new “icon data” wizard (to output weather data as static or dynamic icons), a full-featured configuration system allowing to export/import the whole configuration of Weather Station (settings, stations definitions, maps parameters, etc.) for backup or migration purpose, two new maps providers (MapTiler and Navionics for nautical and ski maps), many new types of measurement (absolute humidity, pressure and density altitude, …), a fully integrated min/max/trend generator for the most common outdoor and indoor measurement types, an experimental system for weather forecasting based on current and past records (Zambretti forecast), and so much new or improved features…

To discover all these new features, improvements and bug fixes, you can check the changelog … If your site has not yet been updated, I encourage you to do so without further delay or to choose to switch on the automatic updates.

As usual, do not hesitate to tell me what you think of this new version and what you would like to see in the next updates …

Header illustration: CC BY-SA 3.0 Matthieu Large / BacoRecords

   Do you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Croatian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, … and would like to use Weather Station in your language?
I need your help ! Get started in Weather Station’s collaborative translation and join a growing community of editors and translators…

This version of Weather Station is called “Danakil” in honor of one of the best French reggae band. The only band, to my knowledge, to sing Edith Piaf (roots version) with its audience (1:28:00).


  1. Douglas Meyers

    I have down loaded 4 weather stations and all of them are sooooo tough to understand and make work, I guess I just won’t have one on my site….

  2. Tom Allison

    Hi Weather station. Am trying to add your plugin to a WP site. The API token generated (32 characters) is longer than what appears to be max character length (20 characters) when trying to connect to station. Any chance you could help? Thanks, Tom

    • Alex

      Hi Tom and others,
      Did you get this to work properly?

      I am struggeling with the same issue, the form does not accept more than 20 characters.

      • Oscar


        The same issue here.
        Are there news about it?


  3. Jan

    Hi Weather Station,
    this is really a GREAT Plugin!
    Are you going to develop this plugin any further in the near future?

  4. Keith

    I am sure that this is good but sooooo difficult to understand. Examples I find are poor as they lead you so far then drop you.
    Really struggling to make this work. I must be missing something but cant figure it out so far.

  5. Weather Station Geldermalsen (NL)

    Good day there will also be a link for Weatherlink Airlink so that we can show our data about the air pollution in the region. thanks in advance

  6. Bub

    Was this tested with Weather Display clientraw.txt ? Prior to the update it worked fine and now it’s broken. Such a shame as it was great whilst it worked.

  7. EppingWeather

    Hi, great plugin, will there be any further maintenance? I have a bug where daily rainfall accumulations are being duplicated for successive days in the JSON file – is this something you will address or should I attempt to fix code myself?

  8. Reiner

    Clientraw.txt load is broken so a shame any repair idias?

  9. David Brumbaugh

    Hello, I’m trying to post a topic on the support page. I am not able to find a button to “connect first” : the balloon arrow simply points to the top of the page .

    If you can let me know how to register for thesupport site, I’ll do so.

    Thanks !
    (my shortcodes have suddenly stopped displaying new data as of noon… sigh….)

  10. Matthew

    Great Plug In. I managed to get it working with few problems with my NetAtmo weather station.

    I could not see though in the ducumentation to force the beginning and end values of the clean guage to a specific value. They just appear to be completely random even when using the setting to use the threshold values.

    • Matthew

      Worked out what I needed to do. Untick the auto scale box, and set the thresholds to what I wanted, remembering there are seperate thresholds for both indoor an doutdoor modules. Great plug in, but I still have the bug that the second device value in Clean Guage is incorrect, but correct in the graphs.

  11. Jeanneke

    It is a great pluginn but can you tell me how to translate it in Dutch?

  12. Xavier Lefranc


    Excellent plugin, félicitations. Par contre avec php en Version 8, çà ne fonctionne plus. Avez-vous des projets pour cela?


  13. Dan

    WordFence reports:

    Critical Problems:
    * The Plugin “Weather Station” appears to be abandoned (updated March 25, 2021, tested to WP 5.7.8).
    Plugin contains an unpatched security vulnerability.

    Is this plugin being maintained?


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