Weather Station 3.7 “Déportivo”

by | Dec 27, 2018

Weather Station 3.7 is here!

Yes, you guessed it, the new version of Weather Station is available now. It brings many new features I’m looking forward to introduce you:

Weather Station allows you now to display your stations on maps. You can choose between weather maps, animated maps, agricultural maps and classic maps from many maps providers. As usual with Weather Station, you will find a bunch of options and settings to match exactly what you want to do with it.

This new version also introduces new capabilities for backing up and transferring historical data. Yes ! You read correctly ! You can now transfer your data between stations, between multiple WordPress instances, or even back up your historical data. Of course, you can also use these exported data in many statistics programs or in your favorite spreadsheet software. A long awaited feature…

These import/export features do not stop there… You can also use it to import data that was generated by your stations before installing Weather Station. And, of course, Weather Station will recompute all the indexes to which you are now accustomed. These import features support, for now, Netatmo and Pioupiou stations. But the list will grow in the coming months. 

In addition, as with each new version of Weather Station, you will discover a large number of improvements and fixes, mainly inspired by your feedback…

Note: to follow up on the Weather Underground API shutdown, this new version of Weather Station also marks the end of the possibility to collect stations published on Weather Underground.

To discover all these new features, improvements and bug fixes, you can check the changelog … If your site has not yet been updated, I encourage you to do so without further delay or to choose to switch on the automatic updates.

As usual, do not hesitate to tell me what you think of this new version and what you would like to see in the next updates …

Header illustration: courtesy of Djamel Boucly ©

This version of Weather Station is called “Déportivo” in honor of the rock band who played from 2003 to 2015 and who disappeared a bit from the rock scene after many concerts in the most fantastic concert halls…

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  1. Kyle

    Please make it hot for Chicago,Illinois thank you.


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