Weather Station 3.2 “Merzhin”

by | May 1, 2017

Weather Station 3.2 is here!

If your site has not yet been updated, I encourage you to do it now…

This new version introduce a full featured quota manager to help you meet API usage quotas offered by services such as OpenWeatherMap, Netatmo, Weather Underground, etc.

It also introduce many “under the hood” new features and improvements like cache generalization, task scheduling interface and analytics for all subsystems. It is an extremely important way to prepare what will appear in the following versions as well as the strengthening of security, performance and robustness of operations.

You can find the details of all this as well as a list of all the improvements and bug fixes in the changelog.


Header illustration: Babelive cover

This version of Weather Station is codenamed “Merzhin” in honor of the famous celtic-rock band and the release of their new album “Babelive”. Pourrait-on faire parler la poudre ?


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