How to use the built-in CDN feature?

by | Jun 27, 2018

As you may know, since version 3.4.x, Weather Station offers you the ability to use a Content Distribution Network to deliver all the scripts and stylesheets needed to render widgets, controls and charts.
If you want to know everything that a CDN does, you can consult this page to start your journey. But if you just want a summary, here it is: a CDN accelerates the rendering of the pages of your website by delivering itself the necessary resources.

In theory, to use a CDN, you have to subscribe to a service from a provider, install a plugin on your site, make configuration, and so on… But with Weather Station, it’s as simple as clicking a check box:

Check the box, save the changes and that’s it: all the scripts, fonts, stylesheets needed by Weather Station are now served from a fast and reliable network.

The CDN I chose for Weather Station is jsDelivr. It has the advantage to be very performant, globally distributed, free and, as it is dedicated to open source projects, fully transparent for use with WordPress. If your website is publicly available please, help your users and your website: use a CDN if you do not have one yet!


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