How to update?

by | May 30, 2017

I would never repeat it enough! For an efficient use of Weather Station, it is essential to update whenever a new version is published.

You probably noticed, the pace of new Weather Station is quite sustained – for a (technical) explanation on version numbers you can check out this article. These releases, whatever they are, always provide fixes (for features or security), improvements and new features. This is why it is very important to update your installation as soon as a new version is available. Moreover, I do provides support for Weather Station only on the latest version: if you need help, the first thing I will ask you is … to update!

So to help you in this somewhat tedious (and repetitive) task, here is a tip that will allow you to let WordPress do the update automatically, without you having to intervene.

For this trick to work, you must be sure that the WordPress task scheduler is working properly. If you have weather data collected properly and regularly updated, consider that it is good.

Then go to the Weather Station settings in the “system” tab and make sure that the “Plugin updates” box in the “Automatic management” category is checked:

Automatic update of Weather Station

And that’s all!


Note that if you are using the JetPack plugin, you can also ask it to automatically update all your plugins, which I highly recommend too…

Automatic update with JetPack


Illustration d’entête CC:BY-SA Nick Youngson



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