Happy birthday, Weather Station!

by | Nov 14, 2017

I would have been told two years ago, I would never have believed it. Weather Station was just for me a way to share – with an audience that I thought was very restricted – a piece of php code to display data from a Netatmo station on a WordPress site.
Little by little, always as a side-project, I added some features and made it compatible with other brands of weather stations and online services.

Et voilà! Weather Station now has more than 70,000 lines of code running around the world to publish weather data from incredible locations. From Paris to Shanghai, from Alaska to the Sahara, from Cape Verde to Mauritius, from Reykjavik to Wellington, it’s almost 60,000 times that Weather Station has been downloaded…

I would have been told that I would never have believed it. But the facts are hard-headed: it has been two years since Weather Station exists!

So to all of you who are using Weather Station, who are suggesting improvements, who are submitting bug reports, who send me emails to tell me how you use it, who helps other users to take advantage of it, who decides to review it: thanks! Thank you so much for these past two years and for all those that lie ahead. Thank you for showing me – if it were needed – that making free and open source software makes it better. Thank you for helping me to do what it is today, and guide me in what it will be tomorrow.


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