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by | Jan 27, 2017

Edited May 2018: from some days now, Weather Underground doesn’t distribute free API keys anymore.
You can still work around this problem by following this trick 😉

As you know, Weather Station is not reserved for owners of meteorological stations. You can use any public weather station free of charge, whether it’s close to your home or on the other side of the world.

These public stations are stations that are operated by amateur or professional meteorologists who have decided to share their data. Nice right? The only difficulty is finding the “right” station. The one that will give you the most accurate and faithful information about the location you are interested in. So to get you started, here’s the easiest way to find a station on Weather Underground and add it to Weather Station.

Identify the right station

Go to the Weather Underground homepage.
In the “Find Your Nearest Weather Station” box, type the name of the locality and select it:

The map in the background should now display the chosen locality. This map shows the stations available in the form of markers displaying the current temperature. Click the marker that appears closest to the desired location. The details of the station you just selected should then appear in the box at the top right of the site:

Click on its name (in the detailed information box) to go to the page of the station. Then watch the URL of the page that is visible in the browser address bar and note what appears after ?Sp= at the end of the URL (here we will note INORDPAS92) which is the identifier of the station:

Refine search (optional)

If the station you just selected does not satisfy you, you can easily find the nearest stations, to choose a new one, by opening the “Change Station” menu:

Select a more interesting station (by clicking on it) and note its identifier in the same way as previously (this identifier is always in the URL of the page).

Add the station to Weather Station

In your WordPress backend, go to the stations list of Weather Station. Click “Add” then click on the Weather Underground logo…
If you have not yet added an API key for Weather Underground, you will be prompted to do so this way. If Weather Station is already connected to Weather Underground, you will only have to enter its name, model and the identifier previously noted, in the screen to create a Weather Underground station:


That’s it! You can now use this station within Weather Station like any other station. Pretty simple, right?


  1. Bob

    Will Weather Station be able to grab other weather data? I post mine to PWS, so can I get it there?

  2. christopher shinn

    Hi can you please tell me where the local weather station thankyou i live in barnsley southyorkshire

  3. Draiden

    Can you find one near me? I live In Bartlesville OK USA


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