End of life for 1.x et 2.x versions

by | Mar 13, 2017

As you know, when you update Weather Station, the plugin is able to migrate existing data even if you are upgrading from an older version. Currently, if you are using Weather Station 1.8, for example, you can upgrade to the latest version (3.1 at the time of this writing) without worrying about what will happen: your settings and stations data will be properly migrated and usable by the newly updated version.

As of the release of Weather Station 3.3 “Kat Onoma” (scheduled for June 2017 September 2017) this will no longer be the case. If you still use an “old” 1.x or 2.x version at this time, the plugin will no longer be able to migrate your data. You will then need to uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

So I encourage you, if you still use a 1.x or 2.x version, to update as soon as possible.

Note that, of course, the update from version 3.x will always be operational after this date.

Do not hesitate, if you have any questions regarding this announcement, to ask them in the comments of this post.


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