Values and angles visualization — Part 4

by | Dec 6, 2018

This article is part of a series of 4, showing the various ways to visualize, with Weather Station, values and angles in a correlated way. Or not…

To complete this series of articles, I wanted to talk to you about a type of graph that I have never seen used in meteorology. Of course, it certainly does not provide the strictness of reading of a radial bar chart, nor the ability to compare as provided by a distribution radar chart nor the simplicity of understanding of a full radar chart. But it offers a whole new form of reading of what can link a specific measurement to a variable angle value. It’s called an angular stream chart.

This type of graph can be seen as a sort of timeline in which the non-angular measurement is represented in Y axis, in flows of different colors — each of these colors distinguishing the sector of angle to which this measurement belongs.

To set this diagram, you must first select the modules and the measurements you want to display. For the angle, in historical data, you can choose the most appropriate dataset (amplitude, average, maximum, median, middle, minimum or standard deviation, regarding the compilation mode you’ve set). For the measurement you must choose the module and the measurement. For historical data, you must choose the dataset too.
In the angle parameters, you can set the number of sectors on which you want a representation of the values. Allotment is done for 4 or 8 sectors. 

As an example, the following graph highlights the cloudiness relative to wind sources for September 2018 at my home. Note you can click on wind sources names to activate or deactivate a sector, a true “data exploration” help.

That’s it, this series of articles dedicated to the visualization of angular and non-angular measurements is completed. I hope it has allowed you to discover new ways of viewing your data. New ways to display YOUR weather!

If all this seems still a little difficult to use, do not hesitate to come to ask your questions in the community support


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