Let’s go for another round!

The Weather Station plugin has a new owner and maintainer! I’m pleased to meet you all, my name is Jason Rouet. Pierre will now sleep peacefully and focus on his other projects!

Plugin seeking adoption

Weather Station is now under a new leadership, Pierre Lannoy has handed over the project to Jason Rouet in June. See the full story here.Plugin seeking adoption It's been several years since the Weather Station plugin received a major update.Despite all my efforts to...

Weather Station 3.8 “Danakil”

A full support for WeatherLink’s stations, climatological modules, new maps providers, tons of new features and improvements… Weather Station 3.8 is here!

Weather Station support changes

It has been several weeks now since PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0 are deprecated. In order to anticipate future problems and incidents, I decided to no longer offer support for Weather Station running on these old versions…

Weather Station 3.7 “Déportivo”

Fixed or animated maps for your stations, extended capabilities of import and export of historical data and many improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback… Weather Station 3.7 is here!

Values and angles visualization — Part 4

To end this series dedicated to the visualization of angular and non-angular measurements, let us dwell for a few moments on the angular stream chart, a rather innovative visualization graph.

Weather Underground closes its doors to individual API users

In a few days it will be the end point of a long story. Weather Underground will no longer offer API services—free or paid—to individuals. As a result, the ability of using such stations will be removed from Weather Station.

Values and angles visualization — Part 3

Third article about angle visualization, I’m focusing today on the radial bar chart, which allows to present in a segmented way, a measurement according to an angle.

Values and angles visualization — Part 2

Second article of this series of four, this time we are talking about the full radar chart, a way of highlighting the possible correlation between an angular measurement and a non-angular measurement.

Values and angles visualization — Part 1

First article in a series of four, I approach in this one the distribution radar chart, a visualization method to view the distribution of several variable angles.

Weather Station 3.6 “Mano Negra”

Native support for BloomSky stations and Ambient Weather Network, extensive handling of wind measurements, media management, and a bunch of improvements and fixes… Weather Station 3.6 is here!

Why Weather Station needs translators?

You know it, Weather Station is fully localizable. So why is it not (fully) available in your language? To understand why, and understand how you can change that, I offer you a little dive into the wonderful world of collaborative translation…

Bloomsky native support in 3.6

Yes, you read it right. After many months of work on this integration, I am pleased to announce in advance that Weather Station 3.6 will natively support Bloomsky stations.

How to use the built-in CDN feature?

Weather Station offers you the ability to use a Content Distribution Network to deliver all the scripts and stylesheets needed to render widgets, controls and charts. Here’s why and how!

Website reloaded…

Et voilà ! It’s all new beautiful—well, I hope you like it as much as me: you are on the new Weather Station website.

Weather Station 3.5 “Les Wampas”

A bunch of new charts types, compatibility with Pioupiou stations (v1 and V2) and many improvements based on your feedback … Weather Station 3.5 is here!

About data propagation time

How the data measured by your weather station reaches the Weather Station plugin for WordPress and why it will never display data in “real time”…

Weather Station 3.4 “Louise Attaque”

Weather Station 3.4 is here! It is with great delight that I announce today the availability of the new version of Weather Station. This version brings a lot of new features related to the management of daily and historical data: a real (and powerful) engine for...

Recurring fails at Weather Underground

It has been several months since Weather Underground sees the quality of its services really degraded. In recent weeks, data collection from personal weather stations has even been completely down.

Meteorological data tables

Realize tables to present data from your weather station is extremely simple thanks to Weather Station. Here’s how, in a few steps, to become a tables master!

Happy birthday, Weather Station!

Weather Station is two years old! From a simple piece of php code to display the meteorological data of a Netatmo station to the current WordPress extension, the path has been full of discoveries and encounters. Thank you for helping me do what it is today!

New community support

I am very pleased to announce the birth, today, of the Support Community for Weather Station. This is where you will first be able to share your knowledge about using the extension, ask questions or make suggestions for improvement.

Weather Station 3.3 “Kat Onoma”

This new version has many new features and enhancements such as modules and widgets for solar records and thunderstorm activity. Compatibility with new stations and meteorological softwares and advanced use of psychrometry.

3000 active installations

This is the good news of this summer: you are now more than 3000 to use Weather Station on an active online site, updated from WordPress.org!

Weather Station & WeatherFlow

Great news: Weather Station 3.3 will be compatible with the new weather station from WeatherFlow, a product that will truly revolutionize the world of amateur meteorology!

Weather Station in Apple News

There is no small victory! And that one makes me happy… Since that night, the English blog of this site is validated in Apple News.

The scheduled task interface

It is since Weather Station 3.2 that the scheduled tasks of the extension are accessible via a dedicated interface. To help you use it, here’s a quick explanation.

Wind chill

After seeing Heat-Index and Humidex, which measure the influence of humidity on the way we support high temperatures, I propose you today to dedicate ourselves to the wind chill, that concerns low temperatures.

How to update?

For an efficient use of Weather Station, it is essential to update whenever a new version is published. Here’s why and how to be sure your WordPress site do it for you. Automatically.

Dawn & dusk: a story of angles

Weather Station allows you to use standard, civil, nautical and astronomical times. Here is a reminder, for those who are lost, on the appearance and disappearance of the sun and what it implies.

How to get up-to-date weather data?

Before being a plugin that displays weather, Weather Station is primarily a meteorological data collection tool. If you do not want to discover obsolete data in your widgets, here are several ways to optimize your data collection.

Weather Station 3.2 “Merzhin”

This new version introduce many new features and improvements like quota management, cache generalization, task scheduling interface and analytics for all subsystems.

Heat-Index and Humidex

The Heat-Index and Humidex are the best-known indexes for measuring the effect of high temperatures on our organisms. But where do they come from and how are they calculated?

Development cycle and versioning

Many of you have asked about the version numbers and frequency of Weather Station updates. So I decided to explain to you what are the reasons for me to develop and release new versions and how I number them.

What are dew and frost points?

Maybe have you ever asked, while using Weather Station, what are the dew and frost points? To better understand what these two indicators are and what they show, here is a small explanation.